08. June 2014

Learning Gulp, Wintersmith tasks

I like command line but as a consumer of some products, I prefer a GUI. Automated tasks runners like Grunt and Gulp, in my opinion should have a GUI for consumers (read: developers). I’ve seen some early work and attempts but nothing very usable. So, here I am learning one of them because, through all my complaining, I do need to learn them.


06. June 2014

Week Notes

Week Notes #1

Week notes are a great cross between journaling and blogging. The goal of keeping yourself accountable to the interwebz and, more importantly, yourself, is a good goal to shoot for.

There is a lot to learn in the world of web development; always something new coming out. I have a Trello board listing all the applications, frameworks, languages, and tools that I need to, at the very least, become familiar with.

This week I focused on getting caught up with some other articles/posts as well as keeping up with work tasks. Not a whole lot of time spent on learning new things or practicing existing skills (outside of work, anyway).

We are switching over to Wakanda at work and I’m looking to see how I can use things like Grunt/Gulp, SASS, or CoffeeScript with it. The application is fairly robust and flexible… ish. I was able to get Foundation working with it some time ago, as well as Mustache. I even used CoffeeScript for a module script I had to write. I’m just not sure how to fit in these tools seemlessly with the built in server. It will probably require a custom plugin.

24. April 2014

Blocking Right Click Is Just Bad

My uncle’s family owns their own successful restaurant back in California. Really great Mexican food. Most dishes are authentic to the area they are from back in Mexico. Other dishes are hybrids to cater to different tastes but it’s all good grub!